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Avatar nigs


Although I am considered an “adult,” I have to say, Avatar is one of my favorite shows. The random humor, social commentary, and wicked concept drew me in.  The music isn’t terrible either.

On to other things. I had the pleasure of driving to kiladelphia this morning for some good ol’ fashion religion (eh, tradition dictates I attend, faith is definitely not a priority for me). But man, I have grown to love driving our new Jetta; fuck, it’s so smooth. Plus, I have the driving one-arm lean down pat.

That reminds me, I need a bike.


Lather me up in butter!

I don’t really know what the etiquette is on posting but what the heck, it’s not like anyone cares if I post twice.  Plus, this is probably only a fad like most other things I pick up.  But man oh man, I have this crazy notion of getting ready for school by getting back into shape.  Now, I am not overweight nor pudgy, but like most after a summer of indulging in homemade cooking, I have developed a small food baby that seems to want to live in my womb for the full gestation time.  So I pretty much have 2 weeks to lose about 7 pounds.

For if there’s a will, there should be some kind of way…right?  Just need to find that will and everything will fall into place.

Aight musakk

I guess this is my first post to my first blog?  Well, I’m not the best at introductions on the web, mostly cause I never know how to describe myself.  That’s probably why my Philosophy of Life speech back in high school was complete bullshit.  But I digress, my main point was to post something interesting.

This has been getting a lot of press on wxpn but if anyone wants to explore some new music, Wilco (an “American alternative rock band based in Chicago” according to Wikipedia) is streaming their new album “The Whole Love.”  It’s could be due to the extreme boredom or lack of good music around, but I’ve been really diggin’ this album.  Now I’m no die hard Wilco fan, but I do appreciate the definite indie/hipster feel to the songs.  From my first impressions, Wilco reminds me of a mix between the Eels and Vampire Weekend, a good mix.